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Why Did a Laser Pointer Pen Make Me So Happy?

What is a Laser Pointer Pen

Do Laser Pointer Pens Really Make a Difference?

You know now that in the blog section of this site I also make suggestions about small details that sometimes seem unimportant. Sometimes these are about address stamps, sometimes about laser pointer pens as you will read below. Please remember, small tips that are not explained in big concepts can be very useful for small business owners.

As part of my job, I deliver sales presentations to clients and prospective clients at least three or four times a week. I’ve pretty much perfected the pitch and have an excellent set of PowerPoint slides to serve as visual aids during my speeches. However, I’ve noticed that I often struggle to pinpoint a specific graphic or block of text on my slides. This seriously disrupts my flow and makes me appear inexperienced. I was able to address this issue by purchasing a laser pointer pen.

I had witnessed laser pointer pens in action before but never thought I would need one myself. I simply regarded them as nifty gadgets rather than practical tools. However, after discussing the problems I encountered with my PowerPoint slides with other sales associates, they all recommended a laser pointer pen as the solution. In fact, I was somewhat surprised to discover that I was one of the few individuals in my entire department who didn’t use one regularly.

Before buying a laser pointer pen, I had to decide on the type I wanted. I had no idea there were so many options available, so I was unprepared when I initially researched laser pointer pens online. For instance, some models use traditional red beams, while newer ones incorporate green beams. Many of today’s laser pointer pens are multifunctional and come with additional features such as a flashlight or PDA stylus capabilities. I had to determine whether I needed all these features in my laser pointer pen or if a basic model would suffice. The prices I encountered varied depending on the number and types of features included. With some laser pointer pens costing several hundred dollars, even on discount shopping websites and auction sites, this was something I had to carefully consider.

In the end, I opted for a basic laser pointer pen that cost less than $20. I thought I could always upgrade later if necessary. So far, my brand-new laser pointer pen has been working flawlessly. My sales pitches run much more smoothly, and I believe I project a more professional image now that I use my laser pointer pen to highlight slides. My clients have noticed the improvement and provided positive feedback. Now, I recommend this solution to all the new associates joining my department.

If you’re struggling to capture your audience’s attention with specific visual aids during presentations or lectures, I suggest giving a laser pointer pen a try. You might be surprised at how much easier things become when you have one of these handy tools at your disposal. ■